Medievalists with Disabilities Accessibility Guidelines

We endeavour and encourage all organisers to follow these crowdsourced guidelines for event accessibility.

Making Medieval Conferences More Accessible

A Crowdsourced Information Sheet by Medievalists with Disabilities

Many who work in academic settings live with disabilities and/or chronic conditions which mean that attending conferences can be a difficult issue. This can be the case for students, early career researchers, independent scholars, tenured academics and support staff, and all need support so that their conference experience is as good as it possibly can be. We have created these guidelines based on suggestions raised at the #disIMC event at Leeds IMC in July 2017, during Twitter discussions with the community, and on the Medievalists with Disabilities Slack.

These aim of these guidelines is to make conference attendance easier for people with disabilities and chronic conditions by implementing certain things. Following these guidelines would mean less work for us Рinstead of having to ask for these things every time at each conference Рand,  if they became standard, it would significantly improve accessibility. Many of the suggestions do not require many changes or much effort, but would make a huge difference to those they would support.

These guidelines are not exhaustive and we would be pleased to update or add to them. Please email Alex Lee or Alicia Spencer-Hall

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